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From the President's Deck

Welcome to the Colorado Bass Nation!

Day_3_Audrey_McKenney_at_Grand_2014.jpgAudrey McKenney - President Colorado Bass Nation

The Colorado Bass Nation is the State Organization for the affiliated members and bass clubs of Colorado.

We are focused on the growth and support of fishing and giving back to our community.  

Among our primary purposes are to improve our fisheries through conservation projects and to grow and expand public awareness and enjoyment of fishing.  Our members are proactively promoting and educating others on the sport of fishing and various techniques, with an emphasis on bass fishing.  

One of our favorite goals is to grow the number of kids fishing.  Our youth programs revolve around educating, demonstrating and, most importantly, taking kids of all ages fishing.

Day_3_Weigh_in._22.jpgAnother very important goal is to support our community, including partnering with other organizations to assist them with their needs.  We make ourselves available in many ways to assist and help others.

Our final goal is to grow and improve the competitive side of bass fishing with our High School and College teams, affiliated Bass Clubs, and our adult State Team by sponsoring bass fishing tournaments.

2013 Was A Busy Year with Lots of Changes!  2014 Will Be Busy, Too!

HS_Trophy.jpegPresident McKenney welcomes the new High School and College Clubs to the CBN.  We have a Colorado National Champion!

There have been a lot of events recently, more coming up, and a lot of changes have happened lately.  Here is a run-down from Audrey, aka “The Prez.”

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Anatomy of a Bass Club

PIC_Anatomy-article200.jpgThe following is an article by CBN member Jeff Jones about the many differences there can be in bass clubs. Clubs can be large and small, very active or not, and can focus on many different areas that include more than tournament fishing, and all are viable in their own right. The variety of club personalities is as varied as the individuals within the Colorado Bass Nation itself. Visit the clubs that are near you and find out if you and the club are a good match, if it has the type of format that you want to participate in. Then jump in and start casting! >>> full article

Colorado Bass Nation Officers

President - Audrey McKenney
Vice-President - Jack Chaney

Tournament Director - Jack Chaney

Treasurer - Cliff Bell

Secretary - Allen McCaw        

Conservation Director - Todd Gentzel
Youth Director - Frank Villa
Website Editor - Jeff Jones

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