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STP: The Glue of The Federation

Posted by admin on December 31, 2011

stp10.jpgAt a National Federation Nation meeting a few years back I heard what has turned out to be the creed I've preached since then. I overheard two State Presidents talking about STP. The only thing I could think of was I missed a sponsor announcement, and we had a gas treatment as a new sponsor. I went over to see what it was about, and at first was confused by the conversation.

They were talking about the problems they had getting help; with tournaments, board members, club officers, youth and conservation, almost every aspect of running a Federation. We spoke for over an hour about our challenges and obstacles and what each of us had done that was successful and what wasn't. I got sidetracked with the conversation and forgot what I came over for, but I remembered and asked them when STP had signed on as a sponsor.

They looked at me like I lost my mind (a look I'm getting used to), and asked me what I was talking about. I said I overheard them talking about STP and wanted to know when they signed on. They told me STP wasn't a gas treatment, in this case, but meant Same Ten People. The same ten people did everything within their Federations. When they needed help with a tournament, the Same Ten People came to help out. A new club needed some coaching; the Same Ten People came through to help out the new club. In essence, the Same Ten People ran the Federation.

It rang so true I knew instantly what they meant. I ask the same people to help me with most aspects of running the Colorado Federation. The thing is, those Same Ten People are getting burnt out; they are tired and just want to stop all the bureaucracy and just go fishing.

stp200b.jpgYou cannot have a Federation with over 250 members, putting a 14 man team (12 Adults and 2 Juniors) together for a divisional tournament, run an adult and a youth qualifier for that team, administrate somewhere around $10,000 in income and expenses, run quarterly meetings, buy and sell dozens of cases of oil, stainless steel props, trolling motors and other products, attend Divisional and National meetings associated with Divisional and National tournaments and the Bassmaster Classic, without help.

Some of these facts and figures seem small compared to corporate America, but when the Same Ten People has to do all of that, it becomes daunting. So I'm asking all of you to make one New Year's resolution. VOLUNTEER!! Please go to your club President and ask how you can help. Start with your club tournaments, youth clubs, and conservation activities. If you've done that already, call me! 303-406-1221 - I have positions that need help. All the board positions; I.E. President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer are up for vote at the January 21st board meeting. I need nominations from the clubs for these spots. If you are interested, talk to your club President or call me. It doesn't mean all the board is trying to make a mass exodus, it simply means we want new blood on the board, new ideas, new enthusiasm. What we need is you!

So I want to change STP from Same Ten People, to the Same Twenty People, or the Same Thirty People. The more involvement the less each one has to do, so bring a friend and both of you can get involved. The sense of accomplishment is like nothing else you've known, and it's why I'm still President. That doesn't mean I won't move aside for a new face, but I will never abandon the Colorado Bass Federation. I was here when the big split happened, I was here when ESPN came in, and when ESPN went away. I've been to 12 states and attended dozens of meetings conducting Federation business. (Just to be fair, my experience pales, compared to that of the rest of my very talented Executive Board). I've seen and met every bass professional out there and found out one thing, they are guys (and gals) just like you and me. One thing keeps coming up when I talk with these Pros; they were involved with their Federation, or their club, or their youth club or some aspect of the administration of the sport they love. So do yourself a favor, get involved and you may just end up on the other end of my handshake, the Pro I'm meeting for the first time.

So come and help, become one of the STP that help the Colorado Bass Federation.

Jay McMillan

Colorado Bass Federation President