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State Team Qualifying Tournament: Day 2 at Grand Lake O’Cherokees

Posted by nation on April 17, 2014

Sunrise_on_Grand_Lake_ctsy_Frank_V.jpgDerek Phillips maintains the lead;

Competitors catch tagged fish to sweeten the day;

It pays-to-play in the side-pots!


pic: Grand Lake Sunrise, ctsy Frank V.

More information from CBN President Audrey McKenney is coming in, including an update from the Day 1 results.  An optional side-pot for boat weight has benefitted some, but left others wishing they had entered!  Boat weight on Day 1 was won by Derek Phillips and Dave Didomenico, but because Phillips did not enter the option, the whole $160 went to Didomenico.

Also at this year’s STQT the Grand Lake Association is conducting a tagged fish event that is available for Colorado Bass Nation anglers to participate in, (see previous post for details.)  Tom Grace landed the first tagged fish on Day 1, claiming a $50 gift card for the Hard Rock Café/Casino in Tulsa.  Sounds like dinner on the way home, or maybe some One-arm Bandit action!

For Day 2’s morning launch Audrey reports calm wind and a forecast for clear skies in the morning and a chance of rain in the afternoon.  Also a, “Beautiful Orange & Blue sunrise,” she said, “Guess Oklahoma is welcoming those from Bronco Country!”

Frank_Vs_got_a_nice_bass_ctsy_Frank_V.jpgBy the end of the day Derek Phillips holds onto the lead, weighing in a 15.53 lb. bag for a total of 35.14 lbs.  The Phillips’ boat is on fire since his non-boater partners are also catching them each day.  Jeremiah Hofstetter fished with Phillips on Day 2 and brought the most weight of the day in, 16.94 lbs. and moving him into 2nd Place overall with 28.40 lbs. after two days competition, including the Day 2 Big Bass of 5.30 lbs.  Hofstetter was living right and it was his day! Day_2_100_tagged_fish_ctsy_JH.jpg Hofstetter had the Big Bass of the day AND caught another Grand Lake Association Extravaganza tagged fish worth $100!

pic: Frank V. has a nice bass! ctsy Frank V.  Have to thank Frank for providing some pics from his facebook page, otherwise we may not have pics until after the event!  Thanks, Frank!

Pic: Jeremiah H. caught a $100 tagged bass!

Big moves on Day 2 by James Coale and Larry Triplett, moving them into the Top 10.  Coale had the second largest bag at 15.77 lbs. and Triplett’s bag weighed 15.61 lbs.  Coale’s boat had the Boat Weight of the day, but his partner did not enter the side-pot so Coale won the $190 all to himself.

The three rookies in the Top 10 after Day 1 maintained spots on the Team so far: Santos, Smith and Satterwhite, Jr.

Day 2 Top 10 standings are:

Derek Phillips, 10/10, 35.14

Jeremiah Hofstetter, 9/9, 28.40

Chris Rockwell, 9/9, 25.02

Also in the Top 10:  Jon Webb, Larry Triplett, Connor Santos, James Coale, David Didomenico, Jeremiah Smith, Robert Satterwhite Jr.

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