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Ed McCaw Claims Colorado Champion at 2013 Western Divisional at Clear Lake, CA; Ryan Wood Claims Top Youth Spot for Colorado

Posted by on April 16, 2013


     Ever wonder what it feels like knowing that the next bite on your lure could be your next personal best size largemouth bass?  That’s what it was like fishing on Clear Lake, CA at the Western Divisional.  That next cast, the next flash on the lure, the next tug on the line could be that 8, 9, or 10-plus pound bass that finally gets the angler into double-digits.

pic: Day 2 Ed McCaw takes the CO lead

Day_3_Ryan_Wood_takes_his_Jr_Division_lead_with_15-9.jpg     With consistently good weights, Ed McCaw of Southwest Colorado Bassmasters was the consistent contender each day of the three day event, weighing: 23-11 on Day One, 20-1 on Day Two, and 16.29 on Day Three, and never dropping down to more than 4th place, where he came to rest on the final day of what local reports say was a tough tournament week.  And Colorado Youth Champion for the younger age group, Ryan Wood of the Denver Jr. Bassmasters, captured the Youth Champion Title with a 15-9 bag anchored by an 8+ pound largemouth, weighing the most of any Jr. Angler in the event with only three bass!

pic: Day 3 Ryan Wood takes his Jr Division lead with 15-9


     There was plenty of tournament pressure on the lake, with a tournament the weekend prior to the Western Divisional, the BASS College tournament the weekend of the start of pre-fish, and then most all Western Division tournament anglers fishing several pre-fish days prior to the Wednesday to Friday event.  Keeping on good fish seemed to be tough for some, while others improved their catch each day to make a run for the lead.

Day_1_Ty_Faber_takes_the_Day_1_lead_for_CO.jpg     Ty Faber took the early lead for Colorado with an impressive first day of 28-1 landing him in 2nd Place overall, but Ed McCaw was in 4th and moved to 3rd on Day Two with Ty Faber right behind him.  Ed held on to take the Colorado Champion’s spot and 4th overall in the event.  Going into Day 3, Colorado had three anglers in the Top 7 overall: Ed McCaw in 3rd, Ty Faber in 4th, and Trevor “Pit Bull” Scott patiently ready to attack from 7th Place.

Pic: Day 1 Ty Faber takes the Day 1 lead for CO

Day_1_Trevor_Scott_brings_in_a_nice_bag.jpg     Conditions seemed to change on the third day, mainly with high skies and little wind, and while there were a few anglers that improved, most came in with less weight and that was reflected on the scales.

Pic: Day 1 Trevor Scott brings in a nice bag

     Ed McCaw and Ryan Wood will be fishing the BASS Nation Championship event held October 24-26 at Arkansas’s Lake Dardanelle.

     A special thanks to Bradley Frost for being the Jr.’s Boat Captain and taking the Colorado Jr.’s to Clear Lake.  The Jr.’s, by all reports, had a great pre-fish and a lot of fun exploring the lake.  They chose to take the long idle, over an hour past the no-wake zone and down the river outlet, to a place where they had the water all to themselves and had both male and female largemouth on beds in warmer water.  The plan paid off, as each made a run for the lead in their age group and Ryan came out on top of his and will represent Colorado and the Western Division of the Bass Nation at Lake Dardanelle, AR.

     Ryan Wood stated that the Jr. Members of the State Team had located a number of decent size bass on beds way back in a creek, so far that they had to idle for an hour.  “When we got there, though, we got to a spot we hadn’t seen before and realized we had passed our beds because the water had muddied.  We were fishing on the way back to where the beds were when I caught my 8-2 lb. on a 6” watermelon/red flake Senko,” Ryan said.  He also caught a 5-plus lb. largemouth on a  bed with a drop-shot, “after hitting her in
the head with the weight a few times.”  Their commitment to the out-of-the-way spot paid off and they didn’t see any tournament anglers in the area as most would not spend that much time idling to get back there. 
Day_3_CO_State_Team_with_new_Champions.jpgColorado captured 4th in the overall Team Standings, with a total weight of 441-0 lbs. and less than 20 pounds from the lead, which was won by the Oregon State Team with a total weight of 458-10 lbs.

Pic: Day 3 CO State Team with new Champions

Carhartt Big Bass of the Event went to Denton Crofts on the ID Team with an impressive 10-9 beast, and the Tournament winner Jeremy Percifield on the Washington Team anchored his Day One bag with a 9-2 largemouth.  There were many largemouth in the 7-8 pound range brought in at this event and Clear Lake certainly has a good number of big bass.

Here is the final standing for the 2013 Colorado State Team Members:

4th:    Ed McCaw              59-5

12th:  Ty Faber                54-5

17th:  Trevor Scott           51-12

25th:  Johnny Parks          46-4

34th:  Allen McCaw          42-14

46th:  Jonathan Goodloe  36-5

50th:  Lane Coale            34-9

63rd:  Larry Triplett           30-12

98th:  Dave Gerhardt        20-10

111th:  Ryan Wood (Jr.)   15-9

119th:  Jeff Jones             13-12

120th:  Dave Flemming     13-11

121st:  Seth Willard (Jr.)   13-10

134th:  George Malarsie     7-10

Jr. Boat Capt.: Bradley Frost