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CBFN Junior Bassmasters

Posted by admin on December 15, 2011

bass_youth100.pngThe Bass Anglers Sportsman Society (BASS) and The Colorado Bass Federation Nation (CBFN) understand the importance of promoting our youth. With help from 3 of our adult clubs the CBFN promotes youth angling by supporting 3 Junior Bass Clubs currently on the Front Range of Colorado with hopes to have more possibly on the Western Slope. The 3 clubs consist of the Northern Colorado Junior Bass Club, affectionately known as the Fighting Fishsticks, based out of the tri-city area of Northern Colorado (Greeley, Ft Collins, Loveland), The Denver Junior Bassmasters covers the central portion of Colorado and is based in the Denver area, The Colorado Junior Bass Anglers is our newest Junior club and is based out of the Pueblo/Colorado Springs area and covers the southern area of Colorado.

Our youth clubs are sponsored by our adult clubs with members acting as mentors and educators for these young anglers. Youth members gain skills from how-to clinics and educational workshops based on conservation, good fishing ethics, and the importance of catch-and-release practices and habitat restoration. The Club Directors are encouraged to teach our youth not only about fishing but also the outdoors including conservation, our environment, our impact as humans on habitat, and how to be ambassadors for our sport. Along with these efforts, members of our clubs also teach the kids about fishing tournament tactics by giving tips during monthly meetings and also during youth fishing tournaments.

The Junior Bassmasters World Championship is held at the end of each year during the BASS Federation Nation Championship. Kids from two age groups, 11-14 and 15-18, compete during the year in qualifying tournaments for each club. Juniors that qualify are invited to fish in the Colorado Junior State Championship and the Champion from each age group becomes part of the Colorado State Team. The Following year they are invited to fish at the Divisional level where the Champion of each age group is invited to the Junior World Championship. At the Junior World Championship the contenders fish for scholarship money totaling $21,000 and the distinction as the top youth anglers in the sport.

Even though only the 11-18 year-old members are qualifying to fish in the State Tournament, many of the Junior clubs allow kids as young as 8 years old to fish and get started early. All youths that are interested in joining a club are encouraged to call their local Youth Director to find out more about joining the Youth Club in your area.

To get more info about the CBFN youth program you can contact:

Frank Villa
CBFN Youth Director