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Benefits of being part of the Colorado Bass Federation Nation

Posted by on February 20, 2012

tritoncolor200w.pngHave you ever wondered about the many benefits of being part of a Colorado Bass Federation Nation Club? There are many advantages, including learning, camaraderie, and discount pricing to enjoy as a member of a Colorado Bass Nation affiliated bass club.

First, as the sanctioning authority, the Colorado BASS Nation passes insurance coverage along to all affiliated clubs so that clubs are covered in case of a catastrophic accident. Being able to compete in club tournaments and learning from the club members is one reason to join your favorite BASS club. Getting to fish with some of the state’s best fishermen every weekend is another benefit of being a CBN member. Perhaps you didn’t know that each club enjoys product discounts from major industry companies who support the BASS Nation, and that State Team members earn discount pricing, too. (Discounted products are not to be resold and these privileges will be revoked if violations occur, so don’t be selfish and ruin it for everyone else!)

Triton Boats affords certain discounts directly to individual members, and more to the state in the form of Alliance Program benefits. Colorado is an “Alliance” participating State Federation, and that means we receive financial support from the Alliance Sponsors each year. This is given in the form of product and funding to help the Colorado BASS Nation activities.

The State President is responsible for administrating these discounts. Because of that you will never see a price list printed for distribution. Many state presidents have done this and had it go horribly wrong. In an effort to avoid a choke point other states have freely disseminated pricing, and in doing so allowed unscrupulous individuals access to product they then sold to make a profit for themselves. These discounts have been corrupted so many times that many of our sponsors have ceased to put them out there. Yet some do, and the fine folks at BASS are mostly responsible for convincing the sponsors to continue helping those states and clubs who correctly use the discounts. This is why any pricing, passwords, etc. must come from the State President. If your club wants to purchase product for any legitimate reason, they need to contact the State President for pricing information.

With all this in mind, you and your club can score some pretty sweet deals on products. If you are a state team member, even greater rewards are available. One suggestion is, at your next club meeting, put a list together of what your club wants, which would be a composite list of what the members want. Decide what the discount will be used for: to increase membership, or retain current membership, to build that dock or other project your club wants to do, or to start or help fund a youth club, etc. Your club president can then contact the State President who will help them put the order together and get it submitted. When the product comes in, you pay your club and everyone wins. You receive quality product at an excellent price, your club receives money to fund projects, and our sponsors receive continued loyalty from the Colorado BASS Nation.

So if you haven’t already, attend your next club meeting and pay your club and state dues. Being a member allows you access to these generous discounts. You cannot receive the discount unless you’re a member in good standing. So get geared up before the season starts and save a few bucks this year. One more thing, take the money you save and spend it on your family. They are also our sponsors and don’t get thanked enough for allowing us to indulge ourselves in this sport we all love.

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