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Being Flexible When Things Don’t Go As You Planned

Posted by on August 29, 2012

Ryan_Wood.jpgArticle by Ryan Wood

     Have you ever headed to your favorite lake with a great plan for catching fish, only for it not to go the way you thought it would? Before going fishing, most people prepare by deciding where on the lake or river they want to fish. They may also think about the time of year, expected fish habits and predicted weather so that they can set up their poles with their chosen baits.
     Although you did everything to prepare, things may be different the day you go out on the water, and being flexible is important. This past weekend for me was an example of being flexible.

     Ryan Wood is a Youth Club member who won his age group and will join the Colorado State Team at the 2013 BASS Federation Nation Western Divisional!  Ryan also writes a blog for

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