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2011 State Team Qualifying Tournament at Truman Lake, MO

Posted by admin on December 1, 2011

Chris-MazichIMG200.jpgThe Colorado Bass Federation held the 2011 State Team Qualifying Tournament at Truman Lake, MO on April 11-15, 2011. The first two days are official practice days and the tournament is a three-day draw format where the 6 top finishing anglers qualify for a boater position, and the 7-12th place finishers qualify for co-angler positions to represent Colorado at the 2012 BASS Western Divisional Tournament. 

The Colorado Bass Federation has one tournament per year to decide who will represent Colorado on the State Team at the next divisional tournament.  The top state angler at the Western Divisional will move up to the BASS Federation Nation Championship Tournament to compete against the rest of the Western Division State Champions for a Federation Angler spot at the Bassmasters Classic.

Most years the State Team Qualifying Tournament is held at a location that is not often frequented by anglers in Colorado Bass Clubs.  In the recent past we have travelled to Lake Havasu, AZ, Lake Amistad, TX and Grand Lake O’ the Cherokees, OK.

This tournament was an exercise in changing conditions.  During practice, on Monday and Tuesday, the sun shone, the air and water temps rose, and the bass were beginning to move into the coves.  But the nights were still very cool.  As the tournament progressed, higher winds, cooler temps, and some precipitation, seemed to stall the movement of the bass, who were hanging tight to whatever cover they found.

Reports of most productive lures include crawdad crankbaits, chatter style swim-jigs, spinnerbaits and jigs.  Many of the top 12 were fishing in the warmer Tebo arm of the lake, but not all.  Bass were found seemingly everywhere and boats were scattered near and far from our hosts at Bucksaw Marina.  The ones who did best were able to either find fish that were committed to staying put, no matter what the changing conditions were, or were the ones who adjusted their fishing style to match the changing conditions.

Congratulations to the 2012 Colorado Bass Federation Nation State Team. 


1st.  Joe Conway: 37.61 lb.  Pikes Peak Bassmasters

       Two big fish, one of 5.17 and the other a 7.49 monster.

2nd Dave Flemming: 30.08 lb.  Denver Bassmasters

3rd Jeff Jones: 28.64 lb.  Denver Bassmasters

4th John Beranek: 26.41 lb.  Southwest Colorado Bass Club

5th Robert Crask: 25.89 lb.  Southwest Colorado Bass Club

6th Dave Gerhart: 25.34 lb.  Southwest Colorado Bass Club

7th Chris Mazich: 23.30 lb.  Denver Bassmasters

8th Herb Turner: 23.24 lb.  Denver Bassmasters

9th Allen McCaw: 23.13 lb.  Southwest Colorado Bass Club

10th Chris Dombkowski: 22.98 lb.  Pikes Peak Bassmasters

11th Chad Phillips: 21.84 lb.  Denver Bassmasters

12th Erick deLumeau: 19.27 lb.  Denver Bassmasters

13th (Alt.) Frank Villa: 18.74 lb.  Centennial Bass Club